Multilingual Parenting 2014 and beyond

Multilingual Parenting 2014 and beyond

These are some of my plans for this year – more to be announced later!


The most exciting thing I am looking forward to this year is getting my book on bringing up bilingual children polished off and published! I only have a few small bits and pieces left to write and then I can let it go out into the world. The feeling is very much similar to when a child grows up and leaves home: I have spent so much time with my book, and it is going to take on a life of its own – other people, who I don’t know, will (hopefully) be spending time with it. My greatest wish is for my book to be a useful resource for parents raising their children to speak more than one language.
If you are interested in following the progress in more detail, please sign up to my newsletter (see below), where I will give a weekly update.


Wednesdays will still be my regular blogging day and I will continue in the same vein as I have done in 2013. If you have something you would like me to write about, let me know!

Newsletter on Sundays NEW!

On the 12th of January I will send out my first Multilingual Parenting Newsletter via email. It will contain updates on my book writing, comments on articles, links to useful websites, a Question and Answer section as well as information on other resources. Don’t miss out, so please fill in this form and I will include you in the mailing list.

Everyone who signs up to my newsletter by the end of February 2014 will be entered into a draw where I give away five signed copies of my book.


If you are a fan of the max 140 character updates, then I welcome you to follow me on Twitter. Click the Twitter Follow button in the sidebar, or look me up: @RitaRosenback.
I regularly tweet comments and links about languages, bilingualism, parenting, children and blogging in general, as well as the odd personal update. In addition to this I will this year also be tweeting using a different Multilingual Parenting (MP) hashtag every day of the week:
Monday Mantra #MPMonMan
– things you should remember as a parent of a bilingual child
Tuesday Truth #MPTueTru
– telling the (sometimes uncomfortable) truth, a lot of mythbusting
Wednesday Wisdom #MPWedWis
– helpful quotes from people in the know
Thursday Thought #MPThuTho
– ideas, ponderings, what if?
Friday Fun #MPFriFun
– something funny to do with languages, children, families or just plain funny
Saturday Scoop #MPSatSco
– the best article I’ve read that week (new or old)
Sunday Share #MPSunSha
– sharing links to other useful blogs

It’s going to be a great year!

May the peace and power be with you.


© Rita Rosenback 2014

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2 replies

  1. Hello Rita,

    It seems to be a great year for you!
    Looking forward to hearing more about the book.


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