Bringing up a bilingual child – any questions?

??????????????????????As you may know by now I am writing a book on raising a bilingual child in a multilingual family. If you are in such a family, I would very much like to hear from you what you are pondering about. Is there a topic you want to know more about, or is there a specific question you would like to have answered? Where will your chosen path take you?

I remember feeling unsure about an array of things when we were raising our daughters – some of them you can read about in a previous post. Another thing that played on mind from time to time was the worry whether I was doing the right thing by bringing in so many languages early on for them. As a young parent you are unsure about a lot of things and a strong support from someone who knew what they were talking about would have been a heaven sent.

Then there was the surprise that bringing up a second bilingual child is not a carbon copy process of doing it with your first-born. I thought I knew it all and that it was going to be easy, but then I noticed that I couldn’t use the same approach, as so many aspects were different. The birth of the second child always brings with it a shift in the family balance – first and foremost with regards to how much one-to-one time you will have with your second child, but in a multilingual family it also means decisions about who speaks what to whom.

As with all things to do with parenting, there are more questions than answers, and we all have different things we wonder about, so I would appreciate your input. Please post your conundrums, worries and questions by commenting here, or if you prefer not to post in public, please email me at: (make sure to add the .book before the @ in the email address). You can also contact me via my Facebook page. Looking forward to your messages, I will get back to you.

May the peace and power be with you.


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  1. Thank you for you email messages with questions – you should by now all have had a response. Thank you again!

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